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"I love your protein bar"
Amleto Monacelli, PBA Hall of Fame

"The Bubba Bars are amazing! Love the cinnamon bar too!"
Chuck Gardner, Brunswick

"Where do I get those Bubba bars, because those are freaking epically good"
Scott Norton, PBA Exempt Player

"Johnny: Just a short note to say thank you for the non-chocolate Bubba Bars. As Janay knows, they were my complete diet during busy WSOB days"
Tom Clark, PBA Comissioner

"My sister and I were traveling over the weekend; she was starving, so I offered her a Bubba bar.  At first she no, but continued eating it until it was gone because it was just so good!  They are the sort of things you just don't want to end."
Nancy DeCrease

The best I’ve ever had
Sarah Casalvera

These Bubba Bars are AWESOME!
Sandy P.


"Awesome! Loved the pumpkin spice"

Mike Jakubowski, Multimedia Specialist, Professional Bowlers Association


"I am truly grateful for you and your program. It has really helped me to feel better. I'm almost off my blood pressure medicine which is absolutely fantastic! If you all haven't heard about it the Train Like An Athlete For Bowling program is pretty awesome!"

Terri Bollinger


"You are truely  great at what you do. You make it fun to come to workout.

Thanks for everything you do."

Dana Finegan


"You are a great coach!"

Charles Crawford


"Dear Johnny, I just want to say something to you that I don't think I could say it to your face without sounding too corny.  I feel so good when I come to workout and I am really starting to feel like it is changing my life.  You treat me like a strong athlete, not a middle aged woman.  Sometimes I am surprised at what I see in the mirror and not for the reason you might think.  Inside, I feel like am thin, strong, muscular and very fit.  I know I am getting there but I can't wait for the mirror to match the feelings on the inside.  I see the changes happening and I am excited"
Sandy Poplos


"I am a big fan of my new-found DANZARE! Before I started working out with Johnny DiSantis of True Rival Fitness, I had been doing strictly toning workouts and some walking. I didn’t realize the heart-healthy workout I was missing until I got moving to the music! Boy is it a blast! Johnny has provided a great workout for me that is a perfect combination of the two. Thanks, John!"

Heather Fisher, New Castle County Chamber of Commerce


"I am in my early 50’s and was told that I had to get more exercise in my life…so I decided to start taking Danzare sessions at the Chamber with Johnny. Well that has turned into still taking the sessions…I can’t seem to get enough! After the very first session I knew from the extra energy I had that I was doing the right thing, and now after several months, I am feeling stronger all over and am living a healthier lifestyle all together…thank you Johnny for creating Danzare and helping me be the best I can be!"

Pamela Mayse, (Director of Events and Sponsorship, County Chamber






"I wanted to send you this email to thank you for everything you have done and everything you are currently doing to change my body, my confidence, my health and most importantly my life. You're dedication to me has been such a blessing and I am more grateful than you will ever know. Again john, Thank you so much!! 

Hopefully there are more people out there that are looking to change their lives as well, I will always recommend you, you are the best. Keep it up man, you are doing amazing things for not only me but your community"

Terry Decker


"First time I have made it through a set pain free in a long time. Put games together of 259/256/242 for 757.  --- I recently started working with PBA champion and fitness coach Johnny Di Santis. We are just starting this journey but the simple stretching exercises he has given me are fantastic. If you wanna change your life contact him immediately"

Jeffrey Smith, Pure-It Pro Shop


"I just completed 9 games pain free this weekend and that's a step in the right direction! Trust me it tested my body with tacky synthetic approaches and playing really deep -- contact Johnny Di Santis if you wanna change your life"

Jeffrey Smith, Pure-It Pro Shop


"Hey, John, We want to thank you!  Everyone that took the class had a marvelous time!  You really showed them how to be active and have fun at the same time."

Cynthia D. Waddington, RN

Christiana Care Hospital


"This is the first class that I have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to attending. DanZare is fitness fun at its best and Johnny is a great instructor with an infectious smile."

Sarah Casalvera-Cowen, ACE USA





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