Johnny Di Santis
Certified Personal Trainer & Professional Bowler


47 lbs. overweight and feeling terrible, I had to make a change. I chose to make a commitment to get healthy. As time went on, I developed my own fitness program and started to see results. I found ways to make fitness fun and effective so I would stick with it. I became engrossed in learn more about fitness, nutrition, eating well and overall physical well-being.  Part of my fitness routine included, what is now known as Danzare played a big part of my fitness and weight loss. That was 1998.


Today, I am in excellent health and physical condition. It allowed me to return to bowling professionally and gaining a competitive advantage and endurance over competitors. This is why I am here. I am dedicated to helping you achieving your fitness goals and improve your overall health and wellness. 

Professional Bowler's Association (PBA) Champion

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Senior Fitness Trainer

Studying for advanced certification with the 

American College of Sports Medicine

Creator of DanZare®; DanZare Tone®; Ball Bangers®;

The Athletic Bowler®; Train Like an Athlete for Bowling®

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

USBC Bronze Level Certification

Director of Bowling,  Delaware State Senior Olympics

International Youth Conditioning Association

Member of the International Bowling Hall of Fame Home Town Heroes 

Member Delaware County Sports Hall of Fame

Lower Delaware County Bowling Hall of Fame

USA Ice Hockey Advanced Gold Level Coach


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