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Join Johnny D to stronger and smarter movement at any age through a fun, energized and motivating experience. Johnny is especially dedicated to restoring, maintaining and optimizing the physical and mental health of older adults with his passion for living a healthy active lifestyle. 


Play is being human, more vibrant, more fun. You will thrive more then those that don't. When you play everything gets connected.

You don't grow old because you're playing. You grow old because you stopped playing.

 It's the most fun you'll ever have getting fit. Featuring great music from the 60' thru today!

And all of your favorite 

DanZare® classes are back! 

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But Why Wait?!

**Bring DanZare® to you! Have a school, church, hall or even your home. Just gather your family, friends, neighbor's and we'll bring the fun and music right to you.  Minimum of 10 people needed. Your spot is FREE!  Send Johnny a message in "Need Something Else" section below.

Coming Back Soon!!


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DanZare Is Back!

The most fun you'll ever have working out

Total Body in Balance

DanZare Virtual LIVE Dance Parties

This amazing NO-IMPACT workout will forever change your life!

Just show up and dance your A$$ OFF! 

Elevate Your Game

TPI is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing​.

We evaluate a golfer for physical limitations which can inhibit swing efficiency, durability and, ultimately, enjoyment of the game. We will evaluate a player’s physical capabilities using the TPI Level 1 screen and to understand how the results of that assessment are correlated with the technical elements in the player’s swing to quickly identify the key area that can be holding a golfer back from playing their best.

*Johnny is one of TPI's certified health & fitness instructors who has had extensive training for golf specific fitness & swing mechanics.


Meet Your Coach

Johnny is a successful business person & multi-sport athlete with a great passion for teaching & coaching. Since since 1998 Johnny has been a leader in helping other reach their own goals as a  movement restoration specialist, trainer, speaker, educator, coach.


A 2-time PBA champion, Johnny holds certifications with the: National Academy of Sports Medicine; International Youth & Conditioning Association; Titleist Performance Institute. TRX, ERS Senior Fitness; and is Sports Nutrition Certified. 

Johnny is a member of Delco Sports Hall of Fame, and founder & president of Bubba Bar nutritional bar company.

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