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The Only Competition is you


Expert programming from coach Johnny Di Santis is at your fingertips…and now in your pocket. Take your training with you wherever you go. Receive the guidance, support, and accountability you need to get better every month. 

1 on 1, Group, & Team Training, Older Adults  ACCESSIBLE ON ANY DEVICE 

 Programs for all age groups and fitness levels



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About True Rival Fitness

We truly believe anyone can achieve good health at any age through a fun, energized and motivating experience. Johnny is especially dedicated to restoring, maintaining and optimizing the physical and mental health of older adults with his passion for living a healthy active lifestyle. 


For us, the greatest benefit to staying active is the possibility of adding

years to your life - and life to your years!

We are 100% committed to your success.

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Meet Your Coach

64 and Going Strong!


Johnny is a successful business person and multi-sport athlete with a great passion for teaching and coaching. Since 1998, through his company, True Rival Fitness, LLC, Johnny has been a leader in helping others reach their own fitness, athletic and bowling fitness goals as a trainer, speaker, educator, coach and human movement specialist. He also began working with bowlers in 1998 through "Train Like an Athlete For Bowling", now the Bowling Sports Performance Institute. BSPI is a training program designed specifically for the sport of bowling. 


A two-time PBA champion, Johnny actively competes on the PBA50 tour. He holds certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Youth and Conditioning Association, the Titlist Performance Institute, TRX, and ERS Senior fitness. Johnny is also Sports Nutrition certified, and is an advanced level coach with USA Ice Hockey. He is a member of the Delaware County Sports Hall of Fame and Lower Delaware County Bowling Hall of Fame. Johnny is also founder and president of Bubba Bar nutritional bar company. 


People Are Talking

"Dear Johnny, I just want to say something to you that I don't think I could say it to your face without sounding too corny.  I feel so good when I come to workout and I am really starting to feel like it is changing my life.  You treat me like a strong athlete, not a middle aged woman.  Sometimes I am surprised at what I see in the mirror and not for the reason you might think.  Inside, I feel like am thin, strong, muscular and very fit.  I know I am getting there but I can't wait for the mirror to match the feelings on the inside.  I see the changes happening and I am excited" 

Sandy Poplos 

"I am in my early 50’s and was told that I had to get more exercise in my life…so I decided to start taking Danzare sessions at the Chamber with Johnny. Well that has turned into still taking the sessions…I can’t seem to get enough! After the very first session I knew from the extra energy I had that I was doing the right thing, and now after several months, I am feeling stronger all over and am living a healthier lifestyle all together…thank you Johnny for creating Danzare and helping me be the best I can be!" 


Pamela Mayse, (Director of Events and Sponsorship, County Chamber 

"I wanted to send you this email to thank you for everything you have done and everything you are currently doing to change my body, my confidence, my health and most importantly my life. You're dedication to me has been such a blessing and I am more grateful than you will ever know. Again john, Thank you so much!! Hopefully there are more people out there that are looking to change their lives as well, I will always recommend you, you are the best. Keep it up man, you are doing amazing things for not only me but your community" 


Terry Decker 

"You are truly  great at what you do. You make it fun to come to workout. 

Thanks for everything you do." 


Dana Finegan

"I just completed 9 games pain free this weekend and that's a step in the right direction! Trust me it tested my body with tacky synthetic approaches and playing really deep -- contact Johnny Di Santis if you wanna change your life" 


Jeffrey Smith, Pure-It Pro Shop 

"I am truly grateful for you and your program. It has really helped me to feel better. I'm almost off my blood pressure medicine which is absolutely fantastic! If you all haven't heard about it the Train Like An Athlete For Bowling program is pretty awesome!" 


Terri Bollinger 

"Hey, John, We want to thank you!  Everyone that took the class had a marvelous time!  You really showed them how to be active and have fun at the same time." 


Cynthia D. Waddington, RN 

Christiana Care Hospital 

"This is the first class that I have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to attending. DanZare is fitness fun at its best and Johnny is a great instructor with an infectious smile." 


Sarah Casalvera-Cowen, ACE USA 

"You are a great coach!" 


Charles Crawford 



*Total Fitness in 30 Minutes Per Week

Even you haven't exercised in the last 20 years, you're only 2 hours away from excellent physical condition!

Slow the aging process with exercise that "buys years."

Learn the 15 myths about fitness that simply are not true.

Vary your meals for max nutrition.


Use your pulse as a build in "computer" to tell you how much exercise that is just right for you.

Learn the eating habit and Halt "creeping obesity" with a simple 100 calorie adjustment. 

*Based on the studies of Dr. Laurence Morehouse

 Remote Personal Training

Remote training program you can do anywhere!


No traveling to the gym.


The program is condensed into effective workouts that only take approximately 30 minutes of your time and only a few days per week!  


Fun! Fast! Effective!


Join our great community of TRF'ers  


*Monthly Program*  Cancel anytime


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Title Performance Institute Golf Assessment

Imagine what a few more yards off the tee would do for your golf game. 


A TPI golf screen is a physical assessment of 13 movement patterns that are important to the golf swing.


The physical screen assesses how well your body can move and support itself during the golf swing.


The screen requires no equipment and is quick.


The screen will identify physical limitation and imbalances that may cause you to have one or more of the 12 most common swing faults.


Set goals then crush them.






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