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DanZare® Is Back!!

(Beginning 1/9/2023)

And Now Featuring Our Outrageously Fun  

Danzare "Live" Dance  Party!!

Join us for our virtual "Live" weekly Dance Party. Where all you have to do is show up and dance your A$$ OFF! It's the most fun you'll ever have getting fit

Featuring great music from the 60' thru today!

And all of your favorite 

DanZare® classes are back! And all in the comfort of your own home


DanZare Tone®

Ball Bangers®

DanZare® Cardio Blast

Kick-Ass Cardio

AB Blast

Strength & Power for Older Adults

Increase Bone Strength

Functional Training Anatomy

Balance Training


Virtual Personal Training with

NASM Master Trainer, Johnny D

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DanZare Is Back!
 Now In Your Own Home!!

The most fun you'll ever have working out

Total Body in Balance

DanZare Virtual LIVE Dance Parties

This amazing NO-IMPACT workout will forever change your life!

Just show up and dance your A$$ OFF! 

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JOIN the
Johnny D Fit Club

The Johnny D Fit Club is your all access pass to  stronger and smarter movement at any age through a fun, energized and motivating experience. Johnny is especially dedicated to restoring, maintaining and optimizing the physical and mental health of older adults with his passion for living a healthy active lifestyle. 

perks include

Unlimited live classes &

DanZare® live dance parties

Life changing Fitness & Nutrition tips

 Develop greater stamina, alertness, and supercharged drive!

members only forum

Meet Your Coach

Johnny is a successful business person & multi-sport athlete with a great passion for teaching & coaching. Since since 1998 Johnny has been a leader in helping other reach their own goals as a trainer, speaker, educator, coach & Human  Movement Specialist.


A 2-time PBA champion, Johnny holds certifications with the: National Academy of Sports Medicine; International Youth & Conditioning Association; Titleist Performance Institute. TRX, ERS Senior Fitness; and is Sports Nutrition Certified. 

Johnny is a member of Delco Sports Hall of Fame, and founder & president of Bubba Bar nutritional bar company.

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